Resources Available For You

Please take advantage of the many resources we have available for you here on our website.  Two that can be of great significance and help to you and your family is our church calendar and our recorded media.  There are often many events and opportunities that we stress each Sunday for you to take advantage of and be a part of.  It's our goal to have all of that information posted on our church calendar as well so you can be reminded of any dates, times, or particulars you might have forgotten.

We also try and record every sermon and have it available for you to listen to at any time.  This can be of great service if you happen to be sick one week or out of town and desire to get caught up on whatever series we're working through.  It's our desire however, that you treat this resource as a temporary help and not as a replacement for being present on a weekly basis.  We understand life happens, but with the convenience of podcasts it's becoming easier to forsake the gathering.  These messages are only meant to be used supplementally until you can return and worship with the body of Christ.