We could use your support

Ambassador soccer camp as been a staple of the greater Clatskanie community for almost 20 years now.  It's been amazing to see how God has provided year after year both financially and with amazing volunteers.

However, ever season provides different needs.  We currently have several opportunities available for you to support Ambassador Soccer Camp.


This camp, over the years, has been blessed with funds from generous donors that have offset the total cost of the camp per student.  Unfortunately, that funding has come to an end.  This means that moving forward we will need to subsidize that "offset" through fundraising.  We are working on several fundraising ideas.  However, we will also provide an opportunity for direct donation, if that's something you're able/wanting to do.  

We typically try and keep the cost per student under $100.  But, in order to do so we will need to raise close to $8,000 annually.  This is of course a large number, but given that we have a full year to raise this amount we know that God can do it.  If you would like to support Ambassador Soccer Camp financially please do so by clicking here or by clicking the Ambassadors Football (soccer) button.


There are many different roles and needs through volunteers to make this camp happen.  As a small example, we provide lunches for all of the coaches and adult volunteers each day at camp.  This is a significant blessing to the camp, but it does take some generous volunteers to make it happen.  

There are also "helper" coaches needed to assist the camp coaches.  If you are over the age of 14 and have a passion for Jesus and soccer, we'd love for you to volunteer as an assistant coach (of course you will have to pass a background check and fill out an application with Ambassadors).

Whether you know exactly how you'd like to volunteer or you have no idea but you know you want to in some capacity, please take a moment to fill out this short volunteer application.  This will alert us to your desire to be involved and give us more information to get connected. 

What Is Ambassador Soccer Camp?

Ambassadors Football USA is part of Ambassadors Football International based out of Twinsburg, Ohio. The Ambassadors Football USA office was established in 1999, and shares space with the International group in Twinsburg. Ambassadors Football USA focuses on building relationships and sharing the Gospel using football through these three main programs; clubs, camps, and community service.

Ambassadors Football International is a global football ministry serving in over 20 different countries around the world.

The indigenous ministries seek to establish locals as the leaders of those works planted in their country. The Ambassadors TREC (Training, Resourcing, Equipping, Churches/Coaches) program was designed specifically to train locals involved in the ministry and those in the local church on how to conduct football ministry.

Culturally focused. Culturally led. Culturally effective. Here and around the world.

What You Can Expect?

Ambassador soccer camps are jam packed with plenty of action.  Players will arrive each morning to music playing and a large "pickup" game going for their designated age group.  Things kick off with an all camp assembly (mainly going over that day's agenda and focus), then it's off to teams/age groups skill sessions.  Each day focuses on a different soccer skill (i.e. passing, ball control, dribbling...).  

After a time of practice, and a few fun games to reinforce the "skill of the day," teams break into huddle time.  During this time players and their coach go through curriculum specially designed by Ambassadors, laying out the gospel through scripture and engaging illustrations.  

Next comes lunch (which is provided by our local summer student feeding program), followed by the main assembly,  Perhaps a close second to actually playing soccer, main assemble is arguably one of the most fun parts of the camp.  It is jammed packed with jokes, goofy characters, fun music, "Hot Seat," coach testimonies, and much much more.  

Finally, the day ends with afternoon competition.  World Cup is what they call it.  It's where every age group scrimmages their own age group, allowing them to practice the very skills they learned that morning.  

After a quick closing assembly the day is done and parents will sign their player out and prepare to do it all over the next day.  

*Note: Saturdays are a completely different schedule.  That will be explained to parents and players during the week of camp.  As a heads up, Saturdays are meant for parents to come and watch the progress their players have made over the week.