VBS Express Details

Who: This event is for all children in the community from Preschool--going into 6th grade.

What: A savenger-hunt-style, one day VBS Express around the city of Clatskanie.

When: Saturday, August 22nd   9am - 12pm

Start times will vary to try and spread people out and create social distance as much as possible.  After you register online, you will be sent an email with your designated start time.  Also, it will not take the full three hours to complete this event.

Where:  You will begin in the parking lot of Clatskanie Baptist Church to sign in and receive your supply bag and grab-n-go snack.  The clues, however, will be spread out all over town.

Why: To teach the children about the love of Jesus, and to provide a fun, outdoor event that families can do together.

How Exactly Will VBS Express Work?

Below you will find a list of instructions that will best describe how you and your family will participate in this event.  There might be a few added details that we've missed, but this at least gives you a better idea of what to expect.  We hope your familiy will sign up!

1.  First make sure to register your kids by August 15th (this event is by registration only...so make sure to do that right now so you don't miss out).  You can click here to register now!

2.  On August 22nd, having received your start time via an email sent after registering, you will begin at the Clatskanie Baptist Church parking lot.  There you will receive your supply bag and grab-n-go snack.  Your supply bag will have many fun items, including a map, memory verse, contact number, and your first clue (*Note-- You will need a cell phone with access to the internet to collect your clues*).  

3.  Drive, as a family, to wherever the first clue leads you.  Once you are at the location, you will need to either a) look around and locate the next clue or b) do what is required at that station to receive your next clue (i.e. an obstacle course, sing a silly song, say the memory verse...etc.).  Clues will be numbered, so you can make sure that you are going in order, and so that you don't miss any.  Have fun!!

4.  Continue finding clues/watching videos until the characters have been rescued, and the story is over.  Yay!  Once you have finished, head back to CBC for a prize and a wrap up ceremony (outside and socially distanced of course)

What you will need to bring with you:

  • A responsible adult driver and a vehicle.  If you are unable to drive your child around for this event, but your child would still like to participate, please make arrangments with a friend or a relative who may be able to driver for you.  Due to covid restrictions we can not offer any transportation.
  • A cell phone that can access the internet and can scan QR codes (iPhones can do this just by using the camera function and taking a picture of the code.  You can do a quick google seach if your phone has this cabability or if you need to download an app ahead of time).  We will have helpers during your check in that will make sure your devices allow you to access the codes.  
  • One or more excited child/ren ready to learn, play, and have a fun adventure with the family.